Wizz Jones - Portrait

Wizz JonesWizz Jones
Wizz Jones
Wizz Jones

If you type the words Wizz Jones into the search machine of the social-medial YouTube video website, you will come up with a number of little films showing a white-haired, good-humoured guitarist. In the majority of these self-produced, uncut videos, filmed in pubs and small stages, you will find a some casual music-making, which one might well fit into our concept of folk music. At any rate, the audience is swept along even without a campfire.
If you listen for a little longer, you will notice that the solitary figure hardly makes any use of his own voice, but lets his guitar sing for him for long passages.
Jones’s technical prowess on his instrument is still highly impressive and is founded in the youthfulness with which he works at his artistry. Although no one could have foreseen that he would retain his dexterity for over half a century, this gift was to become a substantial artistic capital in his later years. His music oscillates between a bluesy, percussive or fiddle-like country style, based on simply constructed and resolute phrasing that dances - often and surprisingly - in ever-new harmonic regions. This is music that soothes the soul and relaxes at one and the same time.
If you have watched the unsteady little videos on the Internet and are in the mood for more, or if you are asking yourself how the young Wizz Jones sounded, the answer is to be found on Speakers Corner’s new release Right Now.

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