How do I find the information I need most quickly?

We have set up a database that contains all the titles which are still in print and provides detailed information about them.
This can be accessed when you enter our website, by clicking on “Start” in the menu or by starting a search without further search criteria. It is however more efficient to limit your search according to your wishes. The entries in the dropdown menus, the tick-off boxes and the text box are linked as AND-functions. For example, a search using “Columbia” in the Original Label dropdown menu and then typing “Miles Davis” in the text box results in a list of all titles by Miles Davis on Columbia in our catalogue.

In the “Text” box you can search the following criteria:
- Artists (e.g. Oscar Peterson, Glenn Gould)
- Conductors (e.g. Sir Georg Solti)
- Orchestras (e.g. Vienna Philharmonic)
- Works (e.g. Sinfonia concertante)
- Composers (Beethoven)
- Record Title (e.g. Caravanserai)
- Band Name (e.g. Weather Report)
- Catalogue Number (e.g. V6-4060)
- Barcode (z.B 4260019715067)

You can further refine your search by clicking on one or more of the tick-off boxes and dropdown menus. In some cases this may not lead to a successful search result. For example: if you click on “New” in the tick-off box but no new title has been released in the past few months, then no title will be found. Finally, please click on the “Search” button.
The search result is sorted by default by the release date in descending order, i.e. the newest title is shown at the top of the list. You can alter this listing to suit yourself via the dropdown menu at the top right.

You can choose to display your search result - with either 7 LPs/page or 100 LPs/page - at the top left.

By hovering your mouse over the cover illustration, you will obtain basic information about the relevant article. For detailed information (e.g. the musicians, recording details, availability, release date etc.) please click on “More...”. You can return to your search results list by clicking on the “Back” button of your browser, and a new search can be started everywhere in our website.

How can I create my own selection of titles (Wish List)?

Our system offers you the possibility to create your own list of titles. For example, you could make a list of future purchases. This function can be found in the detailed view of the respective article.

You can call up your Wish List with the saved titles in the menu. This menu item is only visible when titles have been saved to the list.

This list can be sent per e-mail or printed out. Even with repeated visits, the corresponding identification name and list will remain available on our website until you delete it – but only on the device you used to create it.

Can I order directly from you?

As a pure manufacturer, we exclusively supply our distributor as follows:
Sieveking Sound GmbH & CoKG
Plantage 20
28215 Bremen
Telefon: +49 421/6848930

How can I find my nearest retailer?

Our releases are available worldwide from a large number of dealers and mail-order shops. Please visit https://www.sieveking-sound.com/dealers to obtain information about the distributor in your country of residence.

Are all the recordings in your catalogue available?

We endeavour to keep a new release constantly available for 12 months. Thereafter, we may make a further pressing according to demand. Several months may pass before this is economically viable, however. It is very helpful for us in such cases if you place your order in advance with your dealer. Should the demand within the period of one year remain very low, we will consider deleting the title from our catalogue. As a matter of principle, we do not produce limited pressings.

How can I find out whether a particular title is available?

As a general rule, all titles listed on our website are still in print, titles that are not (or no longer) listed are deleted and will not be re-pressed.
Due to the currently extremely long delivery times of the vinyl pressing plants, it may nevertheless come to the situation that a certain title is listed but not available for a longer period of time.
After handing over our distribution to Sieveking Sound on 01.04.2022, we no longer have our own warehouse. This means that we have no information about whether a particular title is currently available. The informative value of this would be limited anyway; it is very possible that your local dealer may still have titles in stock that are not available from us for the time being or have been deleted or, conversely, that a new release or repress is still on its way.
However, if you nevertheless would like information about the status of a particular title, please contact our distributor as follows:
Sieveking Sound GmbH & CoKG
Plantage 20
28215 Bremen
Telefon: +49 421/6848930

How can I obtain information about deleted items?

Detailed information about almost all titles from the Speakers Corner catalogue is available in pdf-format via download.

Please use this link.

How can I obtain information about new releases?

Our website is continually updated. We issue an e-mail newsletter about our new releases. If you wish to subscribe, please click here on „Subscribe to newsletter“ in the menu.
This service is, of course, completely free of charge.

How can I subscribe/unsubscribe the Newsletter?

To subscribe to our Newsletter simply click here or on “Subscribe to newsletter” in the menu. You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in the Newsletter. Alternatively you can subscribe or unsubscribe by sending us a message via our contact form, which is found under “Contact” in the menu at the bottom of our website.

Are your records completely analogue?

Yes! This we guarantee!
As a matter of principle, only analogue masters are used, and the necessary cutting delay is also analogue. All our cutting engineers use only Neumann cutting consoles, and these too are analogue. For more information please visit our website https://www.pure-analogue.com.
There you will also find information about the sources we use and who cuts the lacquers for the Speakers Corner Records releases.

Who makes the suggestions for repertoire release?

We receive suggestions from various sources: from customers, dealers, the press, our international distributors, and also from the repertoire owners. We then make a list of suggestions, which we present to our dealers. When it becomes clear that a certain title will achieve satisfactory international sales, we ask for clearance from the repertoire owner to re-release the title as an LP. This is often the beginning of an odyssey, for one can never be sure that a title will be given clearance, or that the original masters can be located …

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