The complete cycle of Beethoven Symphonies on Vinyl!

St. John's Church, Gdansk (Poland)
recording session
Wojciech Rajski

In 1999, barely ten years after the supposed demise of the LP, TACET decided to produce vinyl LPs again. Since then the company has achieved a reputation as one of the leading labels, among the established classical labels, which produces exciting, new recordings one after the other.
And now this! All nine Beethoven Symphonies in a flawless complete LP edition recorded by the Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra under Wojciech Rajski. Brisk rhythms, an assured intonation, incisive, elegant, contemplative, exciting, always transparent - all the merits of a modern Beethoven interpretation on modern instruments come together here.
Some symphonies already exist as "Tube Only" versions on LP. These have been replaced here by new mixings, which no longer stem from an analogue tube tape, but which feature other important advantages, e.g. more distinct details through the use of more microphones. In addition there are further advantages in the manufacturing, such as the half-speed and/or play-backwards recording techniques, which have become famous ever since TACET’s recording of Ravel’s Boléro. Forty years of vinyl know-how are behind this recording. More information can be found on the album covers.

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