No nickel today ...

Since the end of 2020, we have been living with the situation that vinyl pressing plants worldwide are overloaded. In the meantime, the situation worsened when there was a shortage of supplier products for sleeve production. Currently, a period of about 8 months must be expected between order and delivery from the pressing plant. The positive aspect of the situation described is the fact that vinyl is still on the rise and supply cannot meet demand.

In the course of the general shortage of raw materials, however, nickel is now also affected. This metal is needed for electroplating and is supplied here in Europe mainly by Russia. On 8 March, nickel prices rose by more than 100% and trading was completely suspended worldwide. This means that vinyl pressing plants can no longer process lacquers or produce new pressing tools. In practice this means: no new releases, re-pressings only of existing tools as long as this situation continues.

Currently we have 100 titles of our catalogue on reorder. Therefore, until further notice, we can no longer base the sequence of our re-orders on pre-orders, but on whether tools that meet our standards are still available at Pallas.

We apologise for this situation, which is beyond our control. Nevertheless, we would like to ask you to continue to support vinyl and place orders with your dealer, even if the delivery time is unclear. This helps us to better assess the demand for certain titles.

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