A letter from Paul Fetler

Paul Fetler

As we anticipated, our first release from the Mercury Living Presence catalogue, The Living Presence Of 20th Century Music, has created quite a sensation, with the press, music lovers, audiophiles, collectors - and the composers! This set presents works by Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg, Anton Webern, Gunther Schuller and Paul Fetler, and of these five, the latter two are still alive. Paul Fetler has compared our re-release with both the original LP edition and the later CD version. Now read his comments.

"The sound of all three discs is excellent indeed. To add to my fine sound system I got myself a good turntable
For the start I focused on many individual details of Contrasts comparing your issue with the original LP and the more recent CD. As you know the original LP is quite brilliant to start with and the CD even more so. But this brilliance may now seem to be a bit artificial. Your mastering seems more natural, more like a live performance. I listened to the various solo passages, the small details and softest phrases, all very clear. The opulent brass chords, very impressive. All your sounds are really very good. For my taste the original LP could have had a bit more resonance and a warmer sound. On all three discs your sound is very pleasing, a true listening enjoyment.
All I can say, Mr Seemann, your final product is outstanding in every respect. Congratulations! You brought back to life Mercury's "Living Presence" magnificently. As for the commentary your people did a superb job. I also find the packaging excellent and attractive. Do convey to all people involved in this project my appreciation for a job well done. And feel free to quote any of my comments as you see fit.

With my best regards
Paul Fetler "

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